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What clients have said

Testimonial 1

I did a distant healing session with another practitioner in Melbourne, Australia and me being in Woking, UK. We took turns being clients for roughly 30 mins each.

“It was 8:00 pm local time here when I started on you As a practitioner it was awesome. I could feel the palms of my hands tingling quite strongly through out the healing I could feel your energy well and it was strong and light and soft. It had waves through it. You felt like a tall person not sure if you are physically. As the client I felt peaceful and felt the light coming into me. It felt like it was energizing me. I also felt like my body was being pulled and pushed in different places. Also felt hands on my leg! I also had a sense that Eric pearl was with us for a time I am feeling extremely peaceful now as if everything is as it should be What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for doing this with me.“

L.W. (Melbourne)

For my part, when she worked on me I felt a strong feeling of heat in the centre of my forehead, in my 3rd eye area which lasted quite a while. Eventually I fell asleep for the last 5 to 10 mins of the session. I was suffering from a painful wrist from an old injury, but that miraculously disappeared.

The overall results reminded me of a quotation from Dr Eric Pearl - "If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of - one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you."

Testimonial 2

I worked with a client who had had 3 sessions with me but after the first session he reported the following:

Heat and tingling felt on head.
Ripples of tingling throughout body, he felt waves going up and down the inside of his body.
Felt like somebody physically moving his parts internally.
Vibrations travelling through right leg.
F.C. (London)

Much later after the session he urinated blood clots, and felt as if his system was being cleared. Additionally, he said that he had never felt so good in a long time. He fell asleep at various points in the sessions but still experienced benefits.

Testimonial 3

A male client had 1 session with me and reported the following:

Radiating waves of energy, pins and needles up and down body.
Pulses of hot and cold all over head, crown chakra – even though he sensed that I was at his feet.
Feeling of less physicality – not connected to couch. Floating feeling. He could not tell where his hands were, the couch he was laying on was missing.
Memories of key people in his life came flashing back.
He then felt a sense of peace, a sense of love for himself and others.
S.M. (Portugal)

Testimonial 4

A client had 3 sessions with me; the hope was that pain in his arm and shoulder would be relieved. At the onset I said that no promises could be made as the Universe does the healing and decides what is in the best interest of all. He reported the following:

He felt heat to head and body.
Feeling of lightness in spirit.
Long term pain in left leg had all but disappeared.
C.A. (Maidenhead)

Testimonial 5

" I cannot recommend Noel enough!! He made me feel very comfortable and secure during my appointment!! When I went to him I was having severe pain with my right shoulder!! After 24 hours of my appointment, I noticed that the pain had been reduced by approx 90%!! Also, I felt more balanced in myself!! Very happy!! :) "

Emma E, Reiki Master, (Surrey)

Testimonial 6

I have been working with an elderly lady who has had bouts of depression most of her life. After having a number of sessions with me she reported the following.

She felt vibration in feet and hands on first session.
Vibration and tingling felt in body, feet and hands.
Her depression was lowered significantly. She felt peaceful.
I.D. (Surrey)

Testimonial 7

I am an 86 year old man with numerous health problems. After having three Reconnection Healing sessions with Noel I noticed remarkable improvements to my health which surprised me as I was initially sceptical. I have been recommending this to my friends and family members; I was further encouraged to have The Reconnection. Since having The Reconnection, severe pains in knees have gone – I was due to have major surgery but I no longer need it.

Fred C (Middlesex)

Testimonial 8

A lady in her 80’s requested to have the experience of Reconnective healings as she had heard good reports from the man in Testimonial 7. After the session she reported feeling strong tingling in her upper body. A few days later she contacted me to say that she had been suffering from severe pains in her feet when she tried to walk, however, after the healing the pains had mostly subsided. She couldn’t thank me enough.

M.D. (Birmingham)

Testimonial 9

"During The Reconnection, I felt a strong energy releasing blocks in my physical and energetic body and I now have lasting feeling of being more rooted and secure within myself."
Meike L (Leatherhead) Homeopathic Practitioner

Testimonial 10

A client came to me saying that he had not been able to sleep properly for 4 months. He had tried numerous other modalities, all without success. He had 1 session of Reconnective Healing and reported that his sleep had improved 80%. He followed this up by having another session a week later - one happy man.
Dan ( Kingston upon Thames)

Testimonial 11
A client studying at Uni for his Masters came to me for a RH session. He left a voicemail with the following content. " I feel amazing after having my healing session with you. Hard to explain it, I just feel like a new person, like, oh my gosh. I feel good, there's no stress, anxiety, I feel like I'm reborn again"

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Testimonial 12. Distant Healing in the USA
Client complained of feeling very unwell and unsteady on feet falling over,etc.
I conducted the session whilst I was in Surrey and client in US. She reported that her body started to vibrate with irregular paces and continued for 3 hours. A few days later she sent the following report.
"Hello Noel: How are you. Just want you to know that my blood pressure is back to normal; a testimony for you. I always anticipate good and do appreciate all connecting energies from your end. You should know that I do welcome your help. On my way for the MRI. Grateful always, J"

About a week later, and after I had conducted another distant session, I received another contact from her.
"Hello Noel: Hope you are doing just fine. As I anticipated, received today a positive report. No diagnosis. I know for sure that God's hand is on me. I am well. J" (London)

Testimonial number 13

Distant healing. Client in USA, me in Surrey

Client suffering from acute symptoms of cancer of the stomach. Her sister who lives in Birmingham, UK asked me to carry out Reconnective Healing for her as she was very concerned. I have never met the client but knew of her and that she lived in the US. I didn't need to know more, simple intention was enough- to let the frequencies go where they need to go and not be focused on the outcome. She was having daily severe vomiting, couldn't keep anything in and diarrhoea. It was not looking good.
I did 2 sessions and her sister contacted me about a week later to say that the vomiting and diarrhoea had stopped. Something to thank the Universe for.

Testimonial 14.

Distant healing sent to the mother of a friend, who is also a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and lives in Portugal. I have never met her mother but that's not a problem.

Very grateful for your help, may seem incredible, but the day after receiving your message saying that you would make a distance healing to my mother,I arrived at the hospital and she was lucid, there were no signs of dementia, she recognized me and the cardiac situation was stable, so with discharge from the hospital ... I had to deal with a solution, she is now in Lisbon in a house (for) elderly people a good place near her house, where my grandmother was already and died there ... I know the people who run the house for decades and despite being above the financial budget, I made this choice, I had to (go) back to my home in Algarve and Also take care of my dogs and cats, I go here to spend Christmas, for the first time in 54 years without anyone else, it is my choice, my children and grandchildren are in the UK and Germany, My son Miguel was in Christmas (Market) in Berlin ,( left) the place 1 hour before the (attack)...anyway I want to say that I am very grateful for what you have done and for helping me to find the light and good frequencies ... I wish you a Merry Christmas and I sincerely hope that as soon as possible I can go back to practising what I believe in and I have returned to Feel all the signs ... Thank you Noel, nothing is by chance, you crossed with me at the exact moment ... a kiss full of Light for you of the friend Maria João

Testimonial 15.

Reconnective Healing done to an attendee at our seminar in Barcelona. Dr Ted Tuira D.C. ( Chiropractor) Belfast, Northern Ireland

For years I have been trying to improve my spinal posture and flexibility as I am a Chiropractor and also practise martial arts. After having my Reconnective Healing session with Noel, I noticed hours later that my spine seemed straighter and taller ( I have seen many chiropractors over the years to try to improve this dorsal emphasis. I also have Scheuermann's disease which contributes to this, possibly due to many sporting accidents since I am Canadian and played a lot of ice hockey and skiing. I noticed also that my flexibility improved. As I sat cross-legged watching TV that evening I noticed a marked improvement - my knees were reaching the floor. I don't even remember being this comfortable in this seated posture, even as a child. Remarkable! Thank you Noel!!

Testimonial 16

Hi Noel, since I've had my trio of reconnection healing and the reconnection, I've searched for words to convey the change that has occurred and continue to occur in my life. Normally I am rather verbose and have been known to suffer with verbal diarrhoea. Yet, I find it tremendously difficult to put into testimonial words how my both inner and outer life has been transformed. I am experiencing withinl a deep peace and profound joy. I feel connected to life in a way that I am at a loss to explain given the ease that I am connecting with strangers. And the way people relate to me since my reconnection. I have always been friendly. But, I find people make eye contact easily and smile more readily. I have discovered existentially the ability to be in the moment more easily. I have lost the quickness of judgement and instead find I am listening and more so I am aware that I am listening. So I find I have the ability to now naturally observe myself and feel as though I have been "tuned" to living fully. The upshot is that so much has fallen away from me yet I am so full as though I have lost nothing but have been ""filled" and my exhortation is that Reconnection is to be experienced in order to understand the benefits. So I want to thank you for facilitating this change that has turned my life around. I do truly feel reconnected to the Source of life. Manifold Blessings to you. Namaste. Margaret

Testimonial 17.
Prior to seeing Noel, I was feeling desperate. I hadn't slept for more than 10 hours in 3 to 4 days. I was being woken from my sleep as my airways were closing up and I didn't know what to do. ER wasn't something I could do as I had my daughter over that transition period between Christmas and New Year and I thought I'd wait to see a GP.
After speaking to Noel about alternatives he offered me some therapy. I have to say between the sessions I had with him and my eventual visit to my GP on a Friday who confirmed that I had a severe tonsil infection Noel had 3 sessions with me between the Friday and the Sunday which I believe helped my hasty recovery to return to work on the Monday. My sleeping pattern of a 7-8 comfortable hours returned and I believe the positive sessions helped with my quick recovery. Thank you.

Testimonial 18

Excerpt from a communication from a client who had the Personal Reconnection over a year ago. " Hi Noel, I have forgotten a number of times to tell you that since having PR I have been healed from Gluten and Lactose intolerance. I received healings on different levels but that was the obvious one. Thank you".

Testimonial 19.

Client message to me after having 3 RH sessions and 1 PR session.
"I've noticed since having the Personal Reconnection, my intuitive [sic] is much stronger."
Me to client
"That's great. Use it for the good of yourself and others if you can."
Client continues.
"I can feel and sense things more. I will defiantly [sic] use it for the good of myself and others."

Testimonial 20

Client after having 1 RH session.
" I feel lighter and more at peace. I am able to stretch my right leg more than I was able to"

Testimonial 21.

"Good evening Noel. I hope you don't mind me contacting you.
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.....just 24 hrs later, the profound differences are unbelievable, I could fill an A4 page, and that's only for are an absolute Godsend.
My friend (neighbour) came over last night and could see the immediate differences in me..... so obviously I told her all about you. She has asked for your details so I have passed them on to her. I intend to have another session and will try to book the slot with you either side of her...........
Have a blessed weekend and thank you again so much."


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