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Frequently asked questions

Is Reconnective Healing like Reike?

No, it is not at all like Reiki. Reiki is Energy Healing. Reconnective Healing is beyond energy that we are used to. It is a new set of frequencies that brings light and information and covers Reike and quite a few other modalities.

Should you say a little prayer or meditate before or during the Reconnective Healing?

No, just lay or be still, close your eyes and relax. Notice everything that happens to you. You will be asked about your experience at the end of the session.

Why should I consider doing The Reconnection?

If you compare Reconnective Healing with The Reconnection and use everyday understanding and familiarities, The Reconnection is like an update of the Reconnective Healing program. It is lots more powerful, gives you greater benefits greater access to Universal energy. It helps empower you to pursue your life path and purpose. It is done once in a lifetime.

Do I need to wear special clothes or have spiritual protection like performing certain rituals before or after a session?

No, just dress normally, you don’t have to remove belts, necklaces, watches, etc. Avoid any perfumes or strong smells.

Should I stop taking medication after receiving Reconnective Healing or The Reconnection?

It is your personal decision. The Reconnection Practitioner would never give you advice to go against that of your doctor.

How does Reconnective Healing equate to ' Life Progress' ?

Life progress is possible with everyone who becomes exposed with the frequencies. One or more of the following is experienced by both the Practitioner and the Client.

* Balance
* Mental Clarity
* Emotional Stability
* Stronger Relationships
* Physical Stamina
* Increased Awareness
* Youthfulness
* Evolved Career Direction
* Improved Libido
* Improved overall Health

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