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Complementary Healthcare in Kingston, South West London and Highbury & Islington, Central London. ( Both centres have excellent transport links)

Pills and Potions!
What a notion!
Fed up overdosin' ?

Then trust Universal energy, the Intelligent Energy that goes to where you need it the most, treats the whole person, AND, has no side effects!

****Your pets and plants benefit from interacting with the frequencies too****

Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection

Welcome to my website for Energy Healthcare in Highbury & Islington, Central London and Kingston, Surrey

This is where you get to find out more about the benefits of Reconnective Healing ® Personal Reconnection ®. Both phenomena have been on the planet over 2 decades. Well over 100,000 people all over the world have had the experience of attending seminars and walking away astounded as contemporary medical science cannot explain it but, equally, cannot refute the physical healing people have had.

You might be infirm or super fit, young or elderly, curious or desperate, all who encounter these new frequencies will benefit - Dr Eric Pearl, Discoverer of the Reconnective Frequencies

Reconnective Healing connects you to the source of all Healing - the Universe. It benefits you physically, mentally, emotionally and or spiritually.

Personal Reconnection is a once in a lifetime process that will continue to unfold and bloom throughout the rest of your life. It aligns your body's Meridian Axiatonal Lines with the grid lines of the Earth and then in turn The Universe.

Please see separate pages for details of both.

I am a Practitioner of Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection and you, the client. I do not heal you, Universal Energy does, and I act as a facilitator. The Practitioner becomes a catalyst, receiving and sensing the frequencies rather than channelling or “sending.” Thus, we are able to go “beyond the limitations and frailties of technique.”

(- Eric Pearl)

My Energy Complementary Healthcare is focused in Kingston, Surrey and Highbury & Islington, Central London. I aim to be available at either location to suit your needs. Occasionally I will visit a home if a client has difficulty in travelling


Gifts from Reconnective Healing towards Life Progress are in the areas of physical and mental health, balance, vitality, mental clarity, improved relationships, and much more

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Energy Healthcare. No hands on, no process, no technique. Complementary to medical healthcare

Assisting teaching, London 2022

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Assisting in Teaching The Personal Reconnection.

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Teaching Team, Santiago, Chile

A quick chat often highlights additional benefits

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Teaching Team, Innsbruck, Austria

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Addressing seminar attendees, Innsbruck

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Science Confirms Reconnective Healing and Energy Healthcare

An eminent quantum physics scientist Prof Gary Schwartz
devised a series of tests and measurements around
Dr Eric Pearl, the discoverer of Reconnective Healing. He
looked at the field around Dr Eric Pearl's body and what
Eric could transmit. Using measuring devices such as an
EEG, EKG, and a gamma ray detector, Schwartz discovered
that Reconnective Healing was real, was palpable, something
that could be taught, and very different than anything seen
. Schwartz’s further studies with more sophisticated
and sensitive devices such as a bio photon meter, extremely
low frequency magnetometer, and laser profusion imager,
confirmed these results and offered even more information
about the energy of Reconnective Healing.
In his later “Energy Healing Baseline” study funded by the National Institutes of Health, Schwartz studied 142 energy healing modalities including Reiki, Qigong, Johrei, and Reconnective Healing, along with about 10 practitioners of some of them. He wanted to measure the basic electromagnetic properties that each practitioner was able to create or oscillate or emit or transmit. He discovered significant differences between the brain-wave states of Reconnective Healing practitioners and those practicing other modalities. In the latter group, healers create coherence between their heart and brain so they can relax and become a conduit for the healing energy to flow from “out there,” through them, then to the client. In this state, traditional energy healers tend to have expanded alpha brain-wave states and decreased beta states when they work.
However, Reconnective Healing practitioners were different. Schwartz discovered that they experience decreases in both alpha and beta waves—a combination that takes them far beyond normal coherence.“It’s as if our consciousness goes somewhere else,” explains Dr. Pearl. “But at the same time, we report being highly aware. It’s almost as if our standard brain function shifts into this ultra-coherent state, this emotional quiescence. It’s an active state, but it’s not an activity based on us trying to stay in balance within our own bodies. Rather, it’s
us transcending the limits of our bodies and going into this other state of hyper awareness. It’s a different brain state. We’ve never seen that.
It’s not the same as energy healing.”

Leaf Longevity Test
University of Arizona
Melinda Conner and Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Leaves were selected from pothos plants and matched for size, weight, etc.

Obviously, when leaves are separated from their life source, like their stem or trunk, they die.

Since the leaves are in this process of losing their life force, the best measure is dry weight.

Healthy plants do not lose weight; dying plants do.


One “control” leaf was left to die naturally.

One leaf was “worked on” by healing practitioners.

The experiment was conducted multiple times with different energy healing techniques, and with Reconnective Healing.


Leaf 1: Died within a “normal” range of time: 3 to 12 days.

Leaf 2: Stayed alive up to 90 days (that’s right—“nine zero”)—eight to nine times longer than the average of the “normal” range!

Some leaves were seen to regenerate roots. (This is not supposed to happen, and was really interesting to the botanist.)

Multiple energy-healing techniques were also tested:


Qi Gong
There are differences between the energy-healing techniques themselves, and between the energy-healing techniques and Reconnective Healing. Reiki starts faster, then fades; Qi Gong starts slower but lasts longer.

Reconnective Healing starts faster and stays much longer!

This is just one of the reasons why scientists believe that the Reconnective Healing frequencies include all the beneficial aspects of today’s known energy-healing techniques.

This also demonstrates that not only can Dr. Pearl do the work, but all people trained can do so also. Five people who were trained and became Reconnective Healing practitioners were involved in this study.

Additional conclusion:

This confirmed the work of Dr. Elisabeth Targ (also cited in Lynne McTaggart’s book).

Dr. Targ did groundbreaking work in the 1980s with all different types of healing modalities from traditional energy modalities to prayer—all from a distance, using AIDS patients. Distance healing has shown positive results. (The study was terminated prematurely because the results were so significant that it was deemed unethical to have a control group who received no distance healing.) That’s no big surprise, but it is scientifically proven.

The leaf studies were also conducted at a distance—the leaves were in the lab in Arizona, the test subjects were in Los Angeles.

RH works at a distance.

Core Results:

RH had a measurable effect on the length of time the leaves remained alive after they were separated from their stem.

This effect was different from other modalities, starting faster and lasting longer.

RH works at a distance.

Experiment on the effect on the autonomic system, heart rate, heart-rate variability, and blood perfusion in the palms.
Ann Baldwin, Ph.D., and Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., both professors at the University of Arizona

Dr. Baldwin’s study involves laser perfusion (detecting measurable energy around the body), heart rate, and heart-rate variability; and increased blood flow in the palms.

High heart-rate variability is associated with social engagement in humans.

Changes to lower levels in heart-rate variability have been studied as factors when people go into those states associated with meditation, or Qi Gong grandmasters, master martial artists, etc.

There seems to be a synchronicity between decreased heart-rate variability when people go into those states.

There is clear and long-term data to support this.

When doing energy-healing techniques such as Reiki and Qi Gong, heart rate and HRV syncs up to some state usually called “coherence.” This state is associated with relaxation, and allows the practitioner to perform the healing. But . . . the practitioners must be emotionally and energetically centered, stable, and aligned to achieve this state and to do this. They must then be in that state of coherence to be effective.

When RH practitioners were tested, it was assumed that similar states would occur.


RH practitioners don’t go into anything close to those states as defined by traditional methodology.

RH practitioners don’t go into a “relaxed state,” but rather, a heightened state of awareness—one that the researchers refer to as “ultra-awareness.”

One state of mind that produces similar results is something called “emotional quiescence” (from Science Confirms Reconnective Healing, quoting McCraty, et al., 2006):
“…when certain individuals undergo an extraordinary transition to enter a distinctive heart-focused psychophysiological state. The subjective experience of this mode is a state in which the intrusion of mental and emotional chatter is reduced to a point of internal quietness, to be replaced by a profound feeling of peace and serenity…”
A super state of connection with the universe—a state that Dr. Baldwin calls “an ultra-state.” She also refers to it as “a state of ultra-awareness.”

This state of coherence is associated with people such as Buddhist monks, long-time meditators, master yogis, etc. This state is entered into the moment we fully connect with the RH frequencies. It is a super-aware, super-connected state, or as Dr. Baldwin says, “Plugged into the field.”

We appear to be doing this by purely feeling and listening. By becoming both the observer and the observed, the witness and the witnessed, the seer and the seen, and simply entering into a state of non-attached observation.

Core Results:

Reconnective Healing produces a measurable state of change in the practitioner.

This state is not the same as traditional energy modalities.

The state we enter into so immediately and naturally is similar to the “ultra-state” achieved by high-level masters.

Recommended Books

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Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life by Dr Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponslov

The Field by Lynne McTaggart

The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart

Kryon Books 1 to 14 by Lee Carroll PH. D

The Divine Matrix , The God Code, Spontaneous Healing of Belief by Gregg Bradden

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