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Distant Healing

Reconnective Healing® does not depend on distance or materials between the practitioner and the client. The two can be 12 inches apart or 12,000 miles apart, it makes no difference. The practitioner does not have to have or hold something of the client like a picture or bit of clothing, he or she just has to keep in mind the essence of that person with the intention of passing on the Reconnective energy or light.

During training we saw a demonstration of it being done with the client being in an adjacent room, demonstrating the same reactions to the healing as if they were under the hands of the practitioner.

In March 2014, I completed a healing and was healed with another practitioner in Melbourne, Australia. The most difficult part was getting the time difference right as it was done at the time of daylight saving summer time changes. Since then, I have done a distant healing with a clients in Switzerland, Central London, Birmingham, and Leeds - all reporting feeling the effects of the frequencies at the agreed times and also their unique benefits.

I normally agree a time for it to take place, ask the clients to make sure they are comfortable by either lying down or sitting. Close their eyes and take note of any sensations they might experience during the half hour or so. I then contact them to get feedback, similarly to what I would do if they were in the same room with me.

9 cms or 9999klms the effect of the frequencies is the same

Working with pets

Reconnective Healing frequencies are just as effective with animals as they are with humans. The frequencies are intelligent and go to where the animals need it most. A human client decides if they will have between 1 and 3 sessions, likewise, the animal's carer will decide the same, depending on how they react to the first session.

Some animal carers may decide that distant healing is more appropriate to their pet's needs, in terms of surroundings and interaction with someone unfamiliar. However, I am willing to travel depending on location with a small price adjustment for travelling costs.

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